november Specials

Two Pizza Special: Get 2 pizzas of the same size with up to 3 items and get 50% OFF the second pizza! (Small, Medium, and Large only)

For more information on Mab’s Atomic Mustard you can view their website Here.

For more information on Little Town Jerky’s Venison Sausage you can view their website Here.


Michigan’s own venison sausage pizza or grinder

Both start with Alfredo sauce mixed with Mabs’ Atomic Mustard, our caramelized onions, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella and Little Town Jerky’s Venison Sausage!

Small Medium Large X-Large

$14.99 $16.99 $19.99 $21.99

6” Grinder: $5.99 12” Grinder: $8.49



This tasty salad starts with a mix of emerald lettuce and spinach then gets topped with mandarin oranges, cranberries, onions, feta cheese, chow mein noodles, breaded chicken, and served with a balsamic dressing.

Small: 6.84 Large: 8.73


Breakfast Pizza

This tasty Breakfast Pizza has a sausage gravy base and is topped with Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Eggs, Onions, and Hashbrowns.

Small Medium Large X-Large

$15.03 $17.39 $19.93 $21.35

Try the Breakfast Pizza as a Take and Bake for no extra charge. Just put it in the oven in the morning!

(All Pizzas available as a Take and Bake,

Take and Bake available in large only)


Piper’s Secret Pizza Dip

Our secret Pizza Dip includes a cheesy, slightly spicy base, covered with our own house-made marinara and mozzarella cheese with your choice of one topping. Served with pita chips.

Small: 8.99 Large: 11.99

Add extra items: 1.25 each